Why your company needs to be trauma-informed

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In today's rapidly evolving workplace landscape, fostering a culture of understanding and support is no longer just a luxury—it's a necessity. Embracing trauma-informed practices within your organization can be a game-changer, not only for the well-being of your employees but also for the overall success and resilience of your company. By recognising and addressing the impact of trauma, you're not only creating a safer and more supportive environment but also laying the foundation for enhanced productivity, creativity, and collaboration.

Closing the Women’s Health Gap An Opportunity to Improve Lives

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Women spend more of their lives in poor health and with degrees of disability (the “health span” rather than the “life span”). A woman will spend an average of nine years in poor health, which affects her ability to be present and/or productive at home, in the workforce, and in the community and reduces her earning potential.

How personal trauma impacts your organization’s workplace environment – and what you can do about it

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In exploring the profound impact of personal trauma within organizational settings, this article delves into strategies that foster resilience and compassion. Discover actionable insights to create a supportive workplace environment

Embracing the Power of 10 Daily Habits for Personal Growth and Relationships

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Embark on a journey of transformative change with '10 Daily Habits.' Discover the power of these small, consistent actions in taking charge of your life, nurturing relationships, and fostering a deeper connection with yourself and others. Download now and start your path towards a more empowered and fulfilling existence.

Grief is not an illness: Employees encounter misunderstanding after the loss of a loved one

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Companies simply want low absenteeism rates. My boss kept contacting me continuously. However, it's important to pay attention to the type of employee you're dealing with. I was a very hard worker and never called in sick. So, when I say that it's really not going well, you should take that seriously.

Building a sense of belonging, and why it’s so important in the workplace

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Building a sense of belonging is crucial for employee well-being and organisational culture. It fosters acceptance, authenticity, and unlocks individual potential, resulting in increased productivity and motivation. By creating a supportive environment and implementing diversity initiatives, a harmonious workplace where all employees thrive can be created.

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