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We are a consultancy  in cultural organisational change, dedicated to helping organisations in transforming their workplace culture into one that is inclusive, collaborative, and thriving. Our expertise empowers companies to create environments where diversity is celebrated, cooperation is fostered, and productivity flourishes.

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How personal trauma impacts your organization’s workplace environment – and what you can do about it

December 6th, 2023|Articles, Cultural Change, Inclusive workplace, Mental Health, Organisational Change, Trauma-informed care|

In exploring the profound impact of personal trauma within organizational settings, this article delves into strategies that foster resilience and compassion. Discover actionable insights to create a supportive workplace environment

Embracing the Power of 10 Daily Habits for Personal Growth and Relationships

November 24th, 2023|Articles, Health & Wellbeing, Mental Health|

Embark on a journey of transformative change with '10 Daily Habits.' Discover the power of these small, consistent actions in taking charge of your life, nurturing relationships, and fostering a deeper connection with yourself and others. Download now and start your path towards a more empowered and fulfilling existence.

Grief is not an illness: Employees encounter misunderstanding after the loss of a loved one

November 3rd, 2023|Articles, Health & Wellbeing, Mental Health, Organisational Change|

Companies simply want low absenteeism rates. My boss kept contacting me continuously. However, it's important to pay attention to the type of employee you're dealing with. I was a very hard worker and never called in sick. So, when I say that it's really not going well, you should take that seriously.

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We offer consulting services, training programs and change management support, enabling organisations to build an inclusive, harmonious workplace environment.

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We work with organisations of all sizes, across many industries, to help transform their workplace cultures and embrace diversity, inclusion and equity.

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